About the Station

The Signals

We could bore you (or thrill you?) with a bunch of sciency-words about why BOOST sounds great in some areas, and fuzzy in others. (And honestly, if you like that kind of thing, email our Program Director via mikec@boost1019.com. He LOVES talking about sciency-stuff.)

Setting science aside, here are ways to hear BOOST with less fuzz:
101.9 is our central St. Louis signal. STL and immediately adjacent suburbs.
94.1 is our Westplex signal. From St. Charles to as far west as Columbia, from as far north as Hannibal down past Lake St. Louis.
97.7 is our South County and beyond signal. Pacific, Arnold, Farmington, Fredericktown, and parts of Illinois along I-70 & I-64.
99.1 HD2 is how to hear BOOST 50 miles in any direction from STL with zero static. You need an HD Radio for this option. Tune to 99.1. Wait a moment for the digital (HD) signal to lock, then dial over to 99.1-2.
BOOST 101.9 Coverage MapThere are also A BUNCH of other ways to take BOOST with you. Find out more on the Hear Boost page.

What You’ll Hear

Think of BOOST 101.9 as a “clean Top 40” channel, specialized for students (or anyone who has a young-vibe in life). The latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, EDM, and whatever else is hot right now. Plus fun conversations between the songs.

Who You’ll Hear

Artists like Lecrae, Skillet, Britt Nicole, Flame, Red, Thi’sl, Thousand Foot Krutch, Toby Mac, Capital Kings, to name a few. With shows hosted by various DJ’s from the St. Louis area.

What You Will NOT Hear

Nothing profane. Ever. BOOST 101.9 exists to build your faith, not tear it down. A lot of our songs are about your connection to God. Some are about your relationships with others (friends, crushes, etc.). A few are honestly just good, clean, silly fun! Oh. And no commercials, ever. When we’re not playing music, BOOST 101.9 is trying to speak on things you care about.

No Commercials??

Seriously! We’ll never sell your ears to an advertiser. We know you have a lot of choices, and we value the time you spend with BOOST 101.9. We’ll do our best to make our talk relevant to your life. BTW, we’re commercial free thanks to generous friends who pay to bring BOOST 101.9 to you. Once you decide you like what you’re hearing, join the giving team! We’re grateful for every gift! (Big or small. It really helps.)

The Music Mix

We’re going to bust our butts to please every person listening, every second of the day. But chances are, there will come a time when somebody else’s favorite song or style will play more than yours. Or YOUR favorite song/style/artist will play more than theirs! Given the Top 40 nature of BOOST 101.9, we’re at all times trying to find a groove that you and your polar opposite can agree on. All we ask is that you give us grace as we strive for that balance, and that you take advantage of the various ways you can personally influence our mix. (Like THIS. And, voting in real time on our home page or through our app.)

The Lyrics

Every song comes from a “Christian worldview.” Whether it’s a song about faith, a song about love, or something goofy. BOOST 101.9 believes living for Jesus is about our relationship with Him AND with others. So we have songs that deal with both aspects of life. And while you’ll never hear anything dirty, you should know that some of these songs tackle tough topics. Things many people around St. Louis struggle with every day. Let’s get them dealt with here, from a Christian worldview. (It’s like that Chronicles of Narnia quote about Aslan: “Who said anything about safe? ‘Course He isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”)

The Styles

Whatever’s hot. Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, Rock, and songs that defy labels. BOOST 101.9’s clean Top 40 calling aims to give St. Louis a diverse, mass appeal mix like what you’d get on Z107.7 or Wild 104.9. But without filthy lyrics, dirty DJ’s, or endless commercial breaks. The very nature of our Top 40 purpose means you’ll hear a little bit of everything that potentially fits the always-changing definition of “mass appeal.” We try to find Rock songs a Hip Hop lover can deal with, Rap songs a Rocker can roll with, and so on. But NOT Rock songs only a Rocker would head bang to, and not Rap songs only a hip hop head could bob to. (FYI, we’re always tweaking our mix based on what we learn from you! Just because we didn’t hit a homerun for you one day or hour doesn’t mean we won’t the next. So keep checking back, and keep influencing our mix.)

The Locals and Indies

BOOST 101.9 loves the local and indie music scene! In fact, outlets like BOOST are so rare that most of the artists we play aren’t even signed to major record labels. What they all have in common: they want to make Jesus famous above all-else, and their songs are just as good or BETTER than anything you’d hear in mainstream (AKA “secular”) music. If you make music that fits BOOST 101.9’s mission (see “The Styles” above), pick your very best song (just one!) and email the MP3 to mikec@BOOST1019.com. (Due to the high volume of songs sent to us, we don’t guarantee on-air spins or personal replies.)

The Team

BOOST 101.9’s DJ team resides mostly in the St. Louis area. For all you know, we’ve been right behind you at Dierbergs! People ask all the time if they can join the team. There aren’t any openings at the moment, but keep an eye on our website in case that changes.

The City

We want to meet you, face to face! If your church, youth group, school, class, etc. is putting something together that you feel has a BOOST 101.9 vibe to it, we’d be grateful to possibly be part of your event. Email nealh@BOOST1019.com and he’ll hook you up with a quick thing to fill out so we can explore working together.

The Reason

Everything you hear on BOOST 101.9 revolves around Jesus Christ. We believe what He said about Who He Is, and we want everyone in STL (well everyone in the world!), to wrap their hearts and lives around His.

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