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The Morning DNA, Monday through Saturday 6 – 10 AM

The Morning DNA = Denee’ (she’s the “D”), and (the “N”) Aaron (he’s the “A).

The Morning DNA

  • Aaron doesn’t have a “face for radio.” He’s a TV personality too, down in Springfield.
  • Aaron is a “super taster.” His tastebuds are twice the strength as most people’s. It’s his mutant power.
  • Because she once cried while watching the movie “My Girl,” Denee’ has vowed to never cry during a movie for the rest of her life.
  • If Aaron was punished for every pun he shed, somebody would take him to his puny shed and beat up his punish head.
  • Denee’s friends describe her as “free spirited,” “weird” and “a living Muppet.”
  • Aaron met a hot girl named Jennifer in 7th grade. That very day, he told his mom she was the kind of girl he would marry. Years later, he did.
  • Denee’s off-the-radio skills include being a licensed massage therapist, jewelry designer, singer/songwriter, and epic doodler.
  • Aaron didn’t see his first movie in a theater until he was 21. These days, he sees about four per week and gets paid to review them at yourmoviefriend.com.
  • Denee’ once drove across the country just to pray for someone. Apparently God hadn’t revealed his omnipresence to her yet.
  • Aaron’s being trying to stop ending his sentences with “or” for more than a half decade. Do you know what he means, or….
  • Denee’ does not fear random dance-offs in grocery stores. Watch out, Neal Hopson.
  • Aaron and his wife made sure the letter T is in the middle of each of their kids first names, to remind them Christ should be the center of who they are.
  • “Geek,” “dork,” and “nerd” aren’t put-downs to Denee’. They’re compliments. Calling her such names will only make her consume great quantities of sci-fi material.
  • Aaron is four feet and 30 inches tall. Do the math.
  • Denee’ rescues stray dogs. Over and over and over.
  • Aaron was a rapper in high school. M.C. Spice. Too bad all the evidence has mysteriously vanished.
  • Denee’ is a vegetarian by heart and a carnivore by stomach.
  • Aaron used to weigh more than 400 pounds. Now he’s a svelte 200-something.
  • Denee’ believes silverware must NEVER touch a table directly. It must always have a napkin or plate as a buffer zone.
  • Aaron names all his dogs Switchfoot.
  • Denee can wiggle her eyes. You don’t stand a chance against her in a staring contest.
  • Aaron can eat 3,000 calories a day and still lose weight. (Disgusting, right?!?)
  • Authentic, quirky, faithful and fun. Denee hopes that’s the vibe you get when you hear her and Aaron on BOOST.
  • Pixar movies make Aaron cry. Every time.

Mike Couchman, Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM


  • Mike Couchman has lived in 18 different places so far. Grew up in Michigan, spent quality time living in places like Las Vegas, Denver, and hopefully for a LONG time in St. Louis.
  • Mike’s club DJ name used to be “DJ Triple M-A-C.” The triple m’s meaning “mix master Mike.” Super original, right? These days he just uses his real name when he mixes.
  • Mike once almost had a deal to make remixes for Capitol records.
  • Radio became Mike’s clear destination for life in third grade.
  • In high school, Mike flipped burgers at McDonald’s and tried selling you batteries at Radio Shack.
  • Mike ran away from home in 4th grade. Made it nine miles before his grandparents found him.
  • Mike lasted all of three days as a telemarketer and all of one month as a bank teller.
  • It’s “Trekker,” not “Trekkie.” That’s what Mike will tell you when you discover he’s really into Star Trek stuff.
  • Mike desires to be Dr. Who’s next traveling companion.
  • Mike met his wife, Jennifer, at a Denny’s restaurant and popped the question that very night, using an onion ring. She said no, and ate his onion ring.
  • Mike spent most of his childhood grounded from TV and going out with friends, leaving him with nothing to do but become a radio geek.
  • Mike “found Jesus” while skipping school in 6th grade. His mom still doesn’t know about that. Unless she’s reading this right now. Uh oh.
  • Jailed twice. Mike has spent a total of six hours of his life in the slammer for forgetting he had various speeding tickets. These days he’s all about driving in the middle lane at the posted speed.
  • Mike’s been praying and dreaming for a station like BOOST for about two decades. Before BOOST, he tried working at other Christian stations, as well as mainstream Top 40, Country, and Hip Hop at stations in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Baltimore (among others).
  • Ecclesiastes. Best book in the Bible, according to Mike.
  • If he wasn’t in radio, Mike would likely be a poorly paid writer. Or managing that McDonald’s he worked at in high school.
  • Mike used to run pirate radio stations from 5th grade until he turned 17 and found out what the penalties were for getting caught. Once, maybe, Mike thinks one person other than him actually listened.
  • Mike really will throw his hands in the air and wave them like he just doesn’t care. But, deep down, he cares deeply.

Neal Hopson, Monday through Saturday afternoons from 3 – 7 PM


  • Neal got the nickname “Neallytime” from his old middle school email address, during his “attempt” to be ”cool,” after needing an email to start a Youtube account, the name caught on.
  • Neal is a professional Choreographer/Dancer.
  • Neal’s pro dancing/choreographing/DJ skills have put him on stage with people like Flame, American Idol finalist Cristabel Clack, Swoop, D-Maub, and many others.
  • Neal played Collegiate and Pro-Circuit Tennis. He’s a baller!
  • Is it ok to call him “Baby Neal?” He’s the youngest of four siblings.
  • Neal may or may not have been the 6th member of NSYNC. Justin Timberlake started to feel threatened by Neal’s talents though.
  • Neal appreciates unique and stylish shoes, hats, and luxury watches. Mr. Fancy Wrist?
  • Neal didn’t own a “real” cell phone until he was 20.
  • Neal may or may not be a world champion in the game of Uno.
  • The way to Neal’s heart is with Mac and Cheese, Cheez Its, Snickers, Cliff Bars, and orange juice.
  • No breakfast is better for Neal than cereal and milk on the very ice cold edge of freezing.
  • Neal got his schooling on at Lindenwood University and Westminster Christian Academy.
  • You may have seen Neal in Tri-Star Mercedes Benz’s TV commercials. Cause he’s looks FINE on a camera. Oh and he used to sell there before joining BOOST.

JBo, Monday through Saturday nights from 7 to Midnight


  • JBo loves kids…especially when they aren’t her own! She has 6 nephews and 4 nieces.
  • During her senior year of college, JBo decided to study abroad and lived in England for 3 months. She already knew the language, lucky her.
  • JBo was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the States when she was 5.
  • Once, when JBo was still in diapers, she sat on a cactus! OUCH!
  • JBo got her nick name while she was in college. It’s a VERY abbreviated version of her given name that has about 453 syllables.
  • JBo STILL drives the same car she’s had since her senior year of high school.
  • JBo moved to St. Louis from Orlando. She’s never driven in snow. Watch out!
  • JBo once fed a 1,000 pound alligator, and survived to tell the story!
  • In high school, JBo was awarded a Senior Superlative for “Most Out Spoken.”
  • JBo loves to sing. When she was in middle school she was part of an all girl group called “The Outer Space Girls”.
  • JBo believes the body is a canvas and decides to paint hers with tattoos. Five and counting BTW.

Scott Anthony, Late Nights Midnight to 6 AM, Sunday afternoons, plus On Time Traffic & weather reports


  • Scott’s a gamer: FPS from the Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, & Titanfall occupy many hours of Scott’s life.
  • Scott is from the STL; he graduated from Francis Howell North….GO Knights! (Black & yellow, black & yellow….)
  • Scott thinks yoga pants should be illegal, yet wishes they came in his size.
  • Scott met his wife at Best Buy and then four years later asked her to marry him there too…over the intercom!
  • You may have seen Scott riding his motorcycle all over the Lou; he is a member of Road Riders for Jesus Chapter 9 in St. Charles.
  • He can’t remember what he ate for lunch, but for some weird reason Scott knows the stats of his favorite roller coasters. BTW, Top Fuel Dragster…over 400 feet high, over 120 MPH, all in 4 seconds!
  • Scott came to know Christ when he was nine and was baptized on Halloween. Irony much? Like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife?
  • Scott loves the Transformers movies and has a tattoo to prove it!
  • Scott’s fav Bible verse: Psalm 104:33 I will sing to my God all my life, I will sing praises to his name as long as I live. Scott has a tattoo of this verse on his arm.
  • There’s hardly a station in STL Scott hasn’t been on. Perhaps you remember him from Z107-7, The Bull, and/or BOOST’S sister station, JOY FM, among others.

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